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Thursday, April 01, 2004

MUST READ: David Wilder's eyewitness account from Kiryat Arba

"This is one of the sickest situations I have ever witnessed since coming to Israel some 30 years ago"
If, in any other country in the world, a government decision brought about the violent annihilation of a synagogue, newspaper headlines would scream 'Anti-Semitism' and 'Racism.' International Jewish organizations would demand immediate restoration and harsh measures to be brought against the perpetrators.

Only in the State of Israel, under Ariel Sharon, can a synagogue, built in memory of two Jews murdered by terrorists in the midst of a war, be 'justifiably' wiped off the face of the earth, having been declared an 'illegal outpost.' It is unfathomable.

Despite the horror of today's actions, it is incumbent upon us to realize what is actually happening. Only hours ago the IDF Chief of Staff announced that other 'illegal outposts' would be uprooted. The army is ready to "carry out what it's required to do." What does this mean?

Understand - this does not just refer to 'outposts,' be they 'legal' or 'illegal.' Ariel Sharon intends to implement such actions throughout all of Gaza and most of Judea and Samaria. He intends to give the orders and expects the army and other security forces to 'carry out what it's required to do." To evict people from their homes. To bulldoze entire communities into the ground. To abandon Eretz Yisrael to our enemies - our blood-thirsty next-door neighbors whose only desire is the destruction of the State of Israel.

Soldiers are supposed to obey orders. That's what 'soldiering' is all about. This morning I saw different kinds of soldiers. I saw officers who were very unhappy with what they had been commanded to do, but had no alternative to carrying out their orders. Then, there were others, who showed little emotion, one way or the other. But there were those who were happy - they smiled, laughed, and enjoyed their evil deed - evicting men, women and children from their synagogue, a place of worship, and their land. They could joke about it, they could make fun of the women, weeping, trying to explain why they could not abandon the synagogue. "Don't you have a synagogue in your neighborhood," one of the women cried out to the soldiers who were dragging her away.

These are the ones that really bother me. It is written, that while Moses was still on Mt. Sinai, after having received the Ten Commandments, the Jews far below began worshiping a golden calf. G-d ordered Moses to leave the mount and deal with the people. As Moses reached the bottom of Mt Sinai, he became furious. Not so much due to the fact that the people had built a golden calf and were using it for idol worship. Rather, because there were those who were joyously singing and dancing around the calf. To commit such a crime, that is one thing, but to be happy about it - that is unthinkable.

Read it all at IsraelInsider - Author David Wilder is spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hebron.

The Hazon David synagogue-outpost, adjacent to Kiryat Arba-Hevron, was established two and half years ago, following the murders of David Cohen at the site, and of Chezi Mualem, adjacent to the site.