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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

My thanks to H. Eberhard Roell

This letter appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera April 5th.
TERRORISM: Cautious liberals can't fault Bush

Liberals accuse Bush of responding too slowly to al-Qaida's threat. Considering the source, that's quite the charge. These are the same Monday morning quarterbacks who accuse him of responding too precipitously to the threat of WMD, perceived, rightly or wrongly, by the world's best intelligence services. Can you imagine the brouhaha, had Saddam gassed New Yorkers after he had gassed the Kurds?

They talk about our "unilateral" action when some 60 countries side with us. They insinuated "blood for oil" when we're now paying up to $2 a gallon at the pump ? not politically expedient before the elections. France, Germany and now Spain are held up as moderate sophisticates. But France lost 30 times as many of its citizens to a heat wave as we lost in our march on Baghdad. Germany was cowed, rightly so, by its own militaristic past, which was no excuse for Schroeder & Co. forgetting their own deliverance by us from their Saddam 59 years ago. Spain had its 3/11 and capitulated to the terrorists by rolling out the white flag - a dangerous encouragement for future atrocities.

"America should have waited for the U.N.," these liberals say. After 12 years of defied resolutions - Kofi Annan is a gentleman diplomat. Any mother would want him to read bedtime stories to her children. Indeed, it's easier for me to picture him putting Robinson Crusoe's foot on the nape of his neck than to see him standing up to murderous regimes. Massacres in Bosnia, Rwanda, Indonesia, and - yes - Iraq, as well as other past and present hot spots of the world are glaring blots on the U.N.'s resume. Terrorists and tyrants just don't go much for negotiations. Indeed, swords (not words) will be turned into plowshares, but this is not the time.


I agree with Roell here, but find his letter of just a month ago (about Gibson's movie) less than compelling:
"Jewish denial of complicity seems unwise in a day when some revisionists would question the historicity of the Holocaust."
I think Roell is missing the connecting thread here: the death of Jesus and the Holocaust were both manifestations of virulent Jew-hatred. To want Jews to admit "complicity" in this is pretty sick.