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Thursday, April 01, 2004

PA Corruption

General in Palestinian security force has been pocketing pay of 7,000 fictitious troopers
Haaretz: An examination of the payrolls of the Palestinian Authority's National Security force, considered the largest of the Palestinian security forces, commanded by General Haj Ismail Jabber, has revealed that salaries for 7,000 fictitious troopers were being paid into his pocket every month.

The salaries for police at the lower ranks range from $300-400 a month, which means that some $2 million a month from PA funds was being paid to the general. . .

In addition, it turned out that Haj Ismail was receiving the salaries for his troops according to the exchange rate used in Israel, around NIS 4.5 to the dollar, while he paid his troops according to NIS 3.7 to the dollar, a rate used by the PA. That gap meant another half a million dollars a month went into his pocket.

On Thursday, for the first time, the National Security forces will be paid their March salaries through their bank accounts instead of in cash. And Haj Ismail's secret extra salary will cease flowing to him.

None of these millions came from the EU, of course. A European Parliament probe revealed today that although the EU is the biggest donor to the Palestinian Authority, none of their monies have been diverted to finance corruption or terrorism. See the full story . . from Brussels . . . via al-Reuters.