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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Palestinian Journalist Rants about "Cycle of Violence" in the WASHINGTON POST

Calls for Foreign -i.e. UN, NATO or US- Military Intervention

Guess what? He blames Israel . . .
This cycle of violence has gotten worse as the Israeli prime minister has indicated a willingness to unilaterally withdraw from Gaza. Israel worries that such a withdrawal would be viewed as a sign of weakness. Therefore Israelis have escalated their violence against Palestinians, an escalation that climaxed recently with the assassination of the spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheik Ahmed Yassin.

A foreign military intervention is seen by many as the only way to end this fatal embrace. The military force could be a U.N. multinational one, a NATO force or even a U.S. one. While Israel has repeatedly refused to consider such an idea, many in that country believe their government would have a hard time refusing to allow a U.S.-led force to act as a buffer between Palestinians and Israelis.

Such a force should be temporary and be deployed as part of a cease-fire agreement between both sides. It should be part of a plan that encourages both sides to sit down and hold serious political negotiations without the constant interference of violence by this party or that, this radical group or that right-wing ideologue.

The presence of such an international peacekeeping force could also provide a chance for the Palestinian people to carry out overdue elections: local, parliamentary and presidential. The last time Palestinians chose their mayors and city council members was in 1982. Legislative and presidential elections were held in 1995.

The siege on Palestinian territories and the security situation have made it impossible to hold elections.
You can read it all if you like. Just keep in mind the stories below about attacks thwarted by Israeli security forces during Pesach: a Balata woman forced to carry out a suicide attack to "cleanse her name" for cheating on her husband, a triple attack planned for a major Israeli city where the terrorists were to be disguised as Israeli soldiers, and last but not least, the Fatah-Tanzim (read, Arafat) plan to launch a suicide attack in Israel with a bomb tainted with AIDS-infected blood.

And this guy has the chutzpah to say in the Washington Post that "Israelis have escalated their violence against Palestinians . . ."

For a bit of context, the author has previously written (in the Jerusalem Post) that
"It is the [Israeli] lust for Palestinian lands . . . that has made it difficult for the Israelis to be able to accept clearly and unequivocally Palestinians rights to create their independent state on these lands alongside the state of Israel."
He is, btw, Daoud Kuttab, a Palestinian journalist and the director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds Universityin Ramallah.

While I don't agree with his assessment of the Arab war on Israel, I can still appreciate his efforts to advocate for a free media in the Arab world.

His e-mail address is info@daoudkuttab.com, as provided by the Washington Post.