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Friday, April 16, 2004

Palestinian terrorist caught in Ariel with 25 kg of explosives

Claims she was only smuggling explosives into Israel, not intending to carry out attack
Maariv: Israeli security forces managed to thwart a large-scale terror attack slated to take place tonight (Thursday) at the Israeli city of Ariel in Samaria. A Palestinian woman was apprehended a short time ago at the entrance to the city with a bag containing an estimated 25 kg. of explosives.

Pinpoint intelligence received on Wednesday indicated a 30 year-old woman is planning to carry out an attack. IDF soldiers spotted a woman tonight carrying a large bag on her back. Suspecting she was the woman that the intelligence had pointed out to, they called her to stop. The woman then tossed the bag and fled only to be quickly apprehended by the troops who discovered the contents of the bag. IDF sappers are currenly dismantling the charge.

In her initial interrogation, the woman claimed she did not intend to carry out a suicide attack but only to smuggle the explosives into Israel.

The woman was later identified as Fatem Kaid Samur Bararame, a 30 year-old mother of six from the village of Loven a-Sharkia near Nablus. Fatah and Hamas claimed joint responsibility for the failed terror attack.