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Friday, April 16, 2004


by Rabbi Menachem M. Pellin
June 26, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In these troubling times for the Jewish people, many may look at the situation in Israel as an endless tunnel of Jewish blood. Think about it. We tried "the peace process" - that didn't work. We tried "strategic incursions" - that didn't work. What is left?

Ah, but there is a solution left. There is something Israel has not tried. They did not try the Rebbe's Roadmap.

In a public gathering, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn, addressed the issue of settlements and a peaceful Israel. This talk was on the eve of Shavuot in the year 5743 - 1983; twenty years ago. Let's listen in.....
“It's obvious... anyone that gives away land (settlements) to the gentiles is in direct defiance of Shulchan Aruch [the Code of Jewish Law]....

“...And even if there will be Jews that will be stubborn and want to give away settlements [of Israel] to the gentiles, since 'the word of G-d will stand forever,' G-d will see to it that the gentiles will not accept [the land]. This has happened many times in the past. They [Israel] sent ministers... [to negotiate the giving away land]. [They] stood in front of the gentiles like a pauper by the door begging them to take pieces of the land of Israel. The Gentiles spit in front of them and give them a slap in the face. [They say] they don't want to take any land from you... and they come back many times from the meetings very ashamed and embarrassed at their rejection.

“The gentile doesn't change his mission (set forth by G-d); therefore, when G-d doesn't want that the settlements of Israel to be given away to the non-Jews, even if the Jew will suggest to give the settlements to the gentile, the gentile will not be ready to accept... But he will 'clothe' [his reason for rejection] in a sensible excuse. He will say 'these settlements are not enough' because really he wants it all.

“But the true reason that the gentile is not accepting the settlements is because his mazal [divine source] feels that G-d doesn't want this to happen. And as I stated above - this has happened many times, and not only once, but many times. We already saw what the outcome of this was. Many sacrifices, many Jews were killed. Every single one of these [murdered] Jews is a complete world. Nevertheless, the fact of matter doesn't bother them enough to stop acting like this; i.e., asking the gentile to take more land.

“May it be G-d's will, since we are standing at the eve of Shavuot, a spirit from above should awaken them. From now on they should stand strong and straight, with the pride of being Jewish. In every matter which the Torah teaches us. It's not worthy to act in a way which is against the Torah - to run after a gentile and beg before him that he should agree to take settlements of [Israel]. This that they are doing will not help the situation at all. On the contrary! It causes that we should become shamed and disgraced. As was the case in the past.”
The Rebbe's solution:
“From now on [Jews] should behave in a way that is in accordance with the Torah.... Obviously, when you talk to a gentile, you should tell him that the land of Israel was given to us as our eternal inheritance to an eternal nation; i.e., the Jewish nation. Any Jew, even in another part of the world, in this generation and in every generation, has a connection to the land of Israel. Therefore, there is no [single] Jew who is authorized to give away settlements. Since the land of Israel belongs to every Jew, wherever he may be, in every generation.

“When you speak to a gentile with the correct stance, we will merit to receive the lineage of true respect. And all the gentiles themselves will want to help us. They will even consider it as respect for themselves.”

[This Sicha was not edited by the Rebbe. The sole responsibility for the translation of the above Sicha is that of the translators of Torahs Menachem. For the full Sicha, refer to Torahs Menachem - 5743, at the conclusion of the Sicha for Erev Shavuos]