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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Shavua Tov

Happy Easter and Pesach Sameach

More photos of march in San Francisco Saturday to "end occupation" . . . "from Iraq to Palestine"

LGF has this one, which is especially disturbing --

I don't get it.

Worse still, according to DEBKA, a Newsweek Poll says that two out of three Americans fear Iraq could become another Vietnam. I would have expected half that.

There was also an International ANSWER protest in DC. See photos and read account at INDC Journal.

Read Iraqi Blogs!
It is the most foolish and selfish thing to say "pull the troops out", or "replace them with the UN or NATO". Someone has to see us through this mess to the end. Only a deluded utopian (or an idiot peace activist) would believe that Iraqis would all cosily sit down and settle down their endless disputes without AK-47's, RPG's, or mortars in the event of coalition troops abandoning Iraq. Please please don't get me wrong, I am not in the least saying that I enjoy being occupied by a foreign force, I am not a dreamer who believes that the USA is here for altruistic reasons, I am not saying that I am happy with what my bleeding country is going through, believe me when I say it tears my heart every day to witness all the bloodshed, it pains me immensely to see that we have no leaders whomsoever with the interest and well-being of Iraq as their primary goal, it kills me to see how blind and ignorant we have all become. Iraqis are dying inside every day, and we are committing suicide over and over and over. Some people call me a traitor or a collaborator for all the above and for speaking the truth as opposed to rhetorical, fiery speeches which have been our downfall.

posted by zeyad : 4/11/2004 02:50:35 AM