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Sunday, April 25, 2004

[via LGF] Children's terrorism calendar from RamAllah Elementary

For Sale at EBay
Item #2240471475 Description:

For sale is a calendar issued to Arab schoolchildren encouraging martyrdom and terrorism. I am not sure what the calendar says since I can't read Arabic but I would imagine it says something like "Martyr yourself for Saddam! Crush the invasion of the infidels, and you and your family shall be granted access to holy paradise(in heaven)." I got these posters from a Ramallah elementary school. This calendar is for sale with the express purpose of providing concrete examples of fundamentalist Arab incitement to terror worldwide, in order to provide insight as to why this growing strain of Islamic fundamentalist terror is such a grave threat to all humanity. The sacrifice of children is unheard of virtually all over the planet. It is terrible to see such examples of fundamentalism inside of Arab countries and territories. Given that the publication of these posters is sponsored by the education authorities of certain Arab governments and authorities, it is easy to understand that the cause we are fighting against is deeply rooted in the propogandistic education of innocent children. For more information on the abuse of children in warfare please see the OPSICK websitehttp://www.operationsick.com/homepage.asp . These young children are shown holding rocks and slingshots, dressed in fundamentalist garb. The calendar measures 12.5" x 19".
There are 6 bids so far, the current one at $ 4.50.

Make that WAS at $4.50. I refreshed to see if there were more recent bids, but it's gone! Vanished! I wonder who pulled it and why?