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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Arab Street

Noteworthy quote via Daniel Pipes's "Caught my eye"

From "Scent of despair" by Yasmine El-Rashidi, in al-Ahram, the Cairo weekly:
At local cafes, at bus stops, within shops and on the streets, the news remained just a murmur. The assassination [of Rantisi] clearly represented yet another blow to Arab dignity, an affront from the rest of the world.

"The difference between the Arabs and the rest of the world is that we don't go around randomly killing innocent people," said one gentleman playing backgammon at a coffee shop in Old Cairo.

frontpage images from www.september11news.com

UPDATE: Reader and blogger Leah Guildenstern writes, "No they don't go around randomly killing innocent people; they go around intentionally killing innocent people." Good point.