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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Arafat ordered body parts returned

Apparently, Thursday morning, the Palestinians returned the body parts of Israeli soldiers they were holding for ransom. In the tenth and final paragraph of this FoxNews/AP story, it's reported that
A Palestinian security chief told Reuters that Arafat had ordered that the body parts be taken from militants who took them from the scene of Tuesday's explosion.
You've got to wonder if he didn't also order the "militants" to take them in the first place. Pretty gruesome game he's playing.

UPDATE: Earlier today I read Imshin's comments about "horrible photographs of the head of one of the Israeli soldiers on a Palestinian Islamic Jihad site." She says she is "totally opposed to having these photos published in newspapers or aired unedited on tv," and I quite agree. Given that, however, she also says, "I say we go and we see, so that we know exactly who we are up against." We don't want to know, we don't like to know, but I agree, we really need to know.

It is worth noting also what she says about Arafat:
President Arafat has to pressure them to shelve the worst of the footage, not out of humanity, but out of cold calculation, so as to minimize the harm to their image as poor little victims.

In a way, if we don't bear witness, then Arafat gets away with this clever ploy, and we're back to the PoorPalestinians.

I do not advise anyone one way or the other, but with yet another warning that this is absolutely horrific and you should be very careful in your decision, here is [CAUTION: Some readers have experienced computer trouble after visiting this site] the link she gave.


A Palestinian man carries a box containing body parts
of Israeli soldiers to be moved back to Israel, in Gaza,
May 13, 2004. The remains of Israeli soldiers killed in
Gaza on Tuesday were handed back to Israel, Palestinian
security said. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem