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Monday, May 31, 2004

Argh. an answer to my letter

in today's Daily Camera

WAR: Terrorism, dressed as righteousness

In her May 27 Open Forum letter, Anne Lieberman's statements, "Faced with global jihad" and "the global Islamist takeover," expose her religious prejudice, that age-old fuel of human violence in the world.

War is terrorism, shrouded in the pretense of national/global righteousness. The concept of war as a sustainable solution is bunk. It is as helpful a cure as amputation, because the possibility of prevention was ignored.

We have the choice to create a future free from the terror of war. We need to find the compassionate equanimity to make that choice. One of the first steps in that direction is to think/feel within a paradigm of possibility rather than within a paradigm of scarcity or fear or blood-debt.

How long will we spend billions on death, destruction and the pirating of resources/land, instead of creating well-supported schools for our young and providing affordable health care? In part, this means treating teachers with the importance and respect that they deserve. We should also explore the potential of new curricula that aim more toward critical thinking and conflict resolution than the asinine goals of standardized testing. Then, who knows, maybe those children will even figure out a way to share the abundance of this planet's resources without continuing to endanger it.

So, what will we tell our grandchildren about how we conducted ourselves in the first decade of the 21st century? I'd like to tell them that we finally learned to live in cooperation instead of competition. Wishful thinking? Quixotic? Now is the time for a lot of that, and for a lot of action along those lines.


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