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Friday, May 28, 2004

Attempt to car-bomb Israeli Ports Authority Bus miraculously failed

An Israeli soldier inspects a damaged bus following an attack on the
Egypt-Gaza border May 28, 2004. A Palestinian militant was killed in
a suicide car bombing against an Israeli convoy in an army-patrolled
corridor on Friday, officials and witnesses said. Photo by Nir Elias
Arutz Sheva: In a carefully planned but miraculously-failed attack, a Palestinian terrorist driving a car-bomb towards an Israeli bus in southern Gaza was killed in the explosion he caused; two Israelis were lightly injured as an indirect consequence.

The attack occurred around 8:40 this morning. A bulletproof bus carrying guards and workers of the Israeli Ports Authority made its way along the Philadelphi Route, on the Israeli-Egyptian border. An Arab jeep suddenly emerged from a side road - an area permitted to P.A. travel - and careened towards the bus. The terrorist driver, however, did not count on a large dirt hill that was just built three weeks ago, and it prevented him from advancing towards the bus. He or another passenger got out and shot towards the bus, and seconds later, the car bomb exploded. No one on the bus was hurt, but the bus driver's short stop caused the army jeep in back of him to crash into him, and two soldiers were lightly hurt.

A Palestinian terrorist group called the Popular Resistance Committees - apparently associated with Hamas - claimed responsibility for the attack.

A bus passenger said afterwards, "Suddenly we saw a white jeep, and the guards realized that it was coming towards us too quickly. There were shots, and then people in the bus started screaming and saying Shma Yisrael [the 'Hear O Israel... G-d is One' prayer]. After a short while there was a big explosion. We saw bullet marks on the windows... The first thing we did when we got off the bus was to hug each other; some people cried."

Compare and Contrast this with the following al-Reuters headline and article
Palestinian Killed in Suicide Car Bombing in Gaza

GAZA (Reuters) - A Palestinian militant was killed in a suicide car bombing against an Israeli convoy in an army-patrolled corridor on the Egypt-Gaza border on Friday, officials and witnesses said.

Two soldiers were slightly injured when their vehicle hit another during the ambush, the army said, in the latest violence following an Israeli siege in Gaza that claimed more than 40 Palestinian lives and drew international condemnation.

Three factions, Islamic Jihad, al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Popular Resistance Committees, took joint responsibility for the attack, saying it was to avenge "crimes by the Zionist enemy" during six days of fighting in the nearby Rafah refugee camp.

A videotape left behind by the 22-year-old militant, Ahmed Abu Jamous, showed him in combat fatigues saying his attack was also in revenge for Israel's killing of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in a missile strike in Gaza City last month. . . .

Violence has surged in Gaza since Sharon introduced a plan to evacuate all 21 Jewish settlements on occupied land in the territory. Militants want to claim victory in any withdrawal, but Sharon is determined to smash them first.
What kind of crap is that?!
cont'd: The border attack was carried out in a four-wheel-drive vehicle packed with explosives that targeted a busload of Israeli workers headed for a crossing point with Egypt.

The army said the car hit a dirt mound and the driver jumped out and opened fire. "As he was shooting, his vehicle exploded, killing him," an army statement said.

The dead militant's father said he lost another son in an attack on Israeli forces earlier during the Palestinian uprising, which began 3-1/2 years ago.

Friday's attack occurred on the "Philadelphia Road," an Israeli-controlled border corridor frequently targeted by militants from the adjacent Rafah camp.

Israeli troops ended a six-day raid, the deadliest in the Gaza Strip in years, earlier this week after demolishing dozens of homes in Rafah.

The army said it was looking for tunnels used to smuggle arms from Egypt in an offensive spurred by the ambush killings of 13 soldiers -- the biggest blow to the army in two years.