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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Christians seek understanding of Jews Against Themselves

via Naomi Ragen

My wife and I are middle-aged Christians living in northern California. We find ourselves increasingly concerned about the level of violence arising from around the Islamic world. We first noticed this on repeated visits to Christian friends in Indonesia: between 1989 and 1996 (3 visits) we saw Muslim women going from not wearing any head covering in most cases, to often being covered head-to-toe. We saw violence against Indonesia's Christian minority go from relatively negligible to the point where thousands have been killed in Ambon, East Timor, Aceh and elsewhere and over 700 churches have been burned.

We have visited Jewish friends in Israel and seen how they try to live in peace, despite an increasing flood of hatred. But you know all about that, as we read every day in your wonderful columns.

We are shocked to see the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, even in my native England. It is clear most of it is coming from an increasingly militant Muslim population, many of whom were born and raised in England, educated in British schools, their brains addled by British TV. A friend of mine recently took a plane from Glasgow to London. He sat next to someone who was obviously a Muslim, all dressed in white. He felt concerned and nervously started a conversation. The Muslim was on his way to Mecca, but had lived for many years in Glasgow and ran a convenience store there. Needless to say he had full access to a free (though biased) media. My friend was surprised that they struck up a pleasant conversation and privately reprimanded himself for being prejudiced in his initial thoughts.

Then as they were nearing London airport, the Muslim turned to my friend and said:"You know, they did it." Of course my friend was puzzled: "Who did what?" he inquired. The Muslim replied: "The Jews. They are the ones who destroyed the World Trade Center" and went on to repeat a myth my friend only expected people living in darkest Syria to believe.

I find this story stunning. And yet there is one thing still even more surprising. That the fashionable elite in the West ignore a free,democratic Israel and the murder of her citizens in favor of the utter barbarity and sickness of the so-called Palestinians. And it is not that they see equivalence between the two. They HATE Israel and LOVE the Palestinians. And now for the ultimate blow: a surprising number of those in this camp are JEWISH. What is going on here?

As my wife and I find ourselves acting more and more to be, in some small way, a blessing to Israel and her people, and as we see more and more of our evangelical Christian friends becoming extremely concerned for Israel and acting in some way on her behalf, we cannot believe a single Jew would turn his or her back on the nation of Israel. How can they ignore the greatest miracle since 73 CE, the rebirth of Israel and the retaking of Jerusalem? I can tell you our Christian friends aren't ignoring it. How can we open the eyes of those Jews who would do so? I would be most grateful for any

And keep up the great work - blessings on you!

Richard and Pat
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