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Monday, May 24, 2004

Hamas "blows it"

Terrorists mistakenly blow themselves up without any Jews around

The headlines uniformly and conveniently do not name any perpetrators, just in case some might want to assume it was Israel whodunnit . . .
"Explosion kills three Hamas members"
Chicago Sun-Times

"Blast Kills 3 Hamas Members"
Channel 6 (ABC), Philadelphia

"Explosion in West Bank city kills three Hamas members"
San Diego Union Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
Boston.com World News
CBC (Canada) News

"West Bank Blast Kills Three Hamas Members"
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (subscription)
New York Newsday
The Guardian (UK)

"Three Hamas men killed in West Bank Blast"
Independent Online, South Africa

KUDOS to the lone WJXX First Coast News in Florida, for their more accurate headline:
"3 Militants Killed By Own Explosives"

It's the little things . . .