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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Headlines show bias

Prager: News media have essentially become propaganda organs for anti-Americanism
The vast majority of the world's news media are so anti-American and so morally confused that they reported the claims of anti-American butchers as if they were facts. Nick Berg's murderers said their butchery was revenge for American abuses in the Abu Ghraib prison, and the world's press dutifully published this as if it were a fact (or even worse, as if it were an understandable, though admittedly extreme, act of revenge).

Here are examples of the headlines -- not subheads -- in major American newspapers:
"American beheaded in revenge for abuses" -- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Grisly Vengeance" -- The Hartford Courant

"Militants avenge abuse with taped beheading" -- The Des Moines Register

"Vengeance on Video" -- The Arizona Republic

"With a Vengeance" -- Newsday (Long Island)
Lest their readers be distracted from the real evil in Iraq -- the American treatment of Iraqi prisoners -- some newspapers actually conflated that with the Berg murder in their headline:
"Amid prison inquiry, revenge" -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

"U.S. civilian beheaded in Iraq; abuse responsibility in dispute" -- The Providence Journal
Revenge? Islamists slaughtering innocents is never revenge. Was the slaughter of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan "revenge"? The terrorists called Berg's murder "revenge" in order to justify their savagery and because they know that the world press is so malleable and so anti-American that it will print their lie.

More criticism of Big Media by Thomas Sowell at townhall.com: "The hyena press"
The family of the murdered man begged the media to leave them alone in their pain and sorrow, but there was a forest of microphones and cameras being shoved into the face of his sister by the hyenas of the press.

The media wrap themselves in the First Amendment and proclaim "the public's right to know" but there is also such a thing as common decency -- or at least there once was. How much public demand was there to see the anguish of a young woman the day after her brother had been brutally slaughtered by terrorists whom the media have christened "militants" or "insurgents"?

Since the whole purpose of terrorism is to maximize the pain from whatever acts they can get away with, the media are making themselves accomplices of our enemies.