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Monday, May 24, 2004

In Najaf: "So far I have not killed, but God willing, I soon will"

from the Telegraph (UK), via Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch
In the large, dusty market of Najaf, people began to panic.

By now men, women and children were running for cover. But for 20-year-old Taha, an English-speaking student of engineering, the fighting was music to his ears.

Dressed in a long, grey shirt with a black headscarf covering everything except his eyes, he was panting from the exertion of the battle.

"We have blown up an American tank," he said triumphantly, as a pall of smoke began to spiral into the sky.

"I have been fighting for a month now against the American infidels. They are murderers and have given us nothing. So far I have not killed but, God willing, I soon will."

Another former student, Hussein, 26, came running over to join him.

"We have damaged five American vehicles," he said. "Do not believe what the Americans tell you. They kill two or three of our men and say they have killed 30."

Some of the claims the Mahdi army made yesterday were certainly exaggerated. One man said he had killed 32 Americans and destroyed several tanks. . . . There was no credible word on American casualties.