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Monday, May 24, 2004

It's a Big News Day for Hamas

Jihad Unspun, which boasts "A Clear View of the U.S. War on 'Terrorism,'"
reports from Hamas that
"Rafah's steadfastness conquered the terrorist enemy"
Herewith, that Hamas pep talk in all its gory glory:

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has said that the Zionist incursion in Rafah was in fact a war of annihilation and racial cleansing.

Hamas said that the Zionist army was launching a bloody revenge campaign to retaliate to the killing of seven of its soldiers in Rafah and six others in the Zaitun suburb in Gaza city.

The Movement warned that the Zionist terrorist offensive on the Tal Al-Sultan suburb in Rafah might herald a larger incursion into other suburbs in the city that would result in greater pogroms.

Hamas, in a statement yesterday a copy of which was faxed to PIC, said that the deterrent response to the Zionist terrorists would be escalating all forms of resistance in all areas of occupied Palestine.

It urged all Mujahideen and resistance fighters to remain on the alert and to re-arrange their lines and to ask for Allah's help to deter the invaders.

The statement also asked the Arab and Muslim countries to immediately interfere to salvage the victims in Rafah or else Arab and Muslim silence would encourage Sharon's lust for blood.

Hamas appealed to Arab and Muslim masses to pressure their governments into checking the Zionist crimes and bloodbaths.

It asked the Palestinian Authority to extend all possible medical and relief material to the victims of the Rafah incursion.

The Movement called on Palestinians to organize solidarity rallies and sit-ins and to extend all forms of material and moral assistance to the people of Rafah.

Hamas finally asked the media to expose the Zionist nazi crimes before the world public opinion.
Palestinian sit-ins . . . it's all the rage.