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Monday, May 24, 2004

Jewish gravestones desecrated in Kiev

Interior Ministry: Graves destroyed "because they were too old"
JPost: More than 50 Jewish gravestones at a cemetery in the Ukrainian capital were vandalized over the weekend in what the local Jewish community described Monday as an organized anti-Semitic action.

The plaques were destroyed early Sunday at a cemetery in a Kiev residential neighborhood, said Moshe-Reuven Asman, the chief rabbi of Kiev and the Kiev region.

"Headstones were broken, heavy old stones were thrown about _ all that testifies to the fact that the crime was committed by a large group," he said. "It was an awful picture."

Eduard Doks, spokesman for the Sokhnut Jewish community in Kiev, also described it an anti-Semitic act.

Interior Ministry spokesman Viktor Korchinsky, however, denied any acts of vandalism, saying the graves were destroyed "all by themselves, because they were too old."
Aside from this article in the Jerusalem Post, the story rated three sentences from the Russian Itar-Tass News Agency, and well, that's it, according to my Google News Search.

No Big Deal, I guess. You think that if the New York Times doesn't notice tens of thousands of people marching down Fifth Avenue in support of Israel, they're going to notice a desecrated cemetery on the other side of the world?
"Your search for kiev / today returned 1 articles."

My search of Yahoo! News Photos was only slightly more fruitful:

Workers rebuild a vandalized headstone at a cemetery in Kiev,
Ukraine, Monday, May 24, 2004. More than 50 Jewish gravestones
at a cemetery in Kiev were vandalized late Saturday in what
the local Jewish community Monday described as an organized
anti-Semitic action. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)