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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I have a leak, I think from the humidifier that's part of my furnace and air conditioning system. It's pouring - no, heavily dripping - down right through a ceiling light fixture in my laundry room. My husband, who's very clever about such things, is asleep, in Germany, and so I can't ask him what the clever response to this leak might be. And my daughter wouldn't mind at all if I came up with some dinner for her. In other words, I don't want to be blogging right this minute. Not at all. But this is important, this is ghastly, and if America doesn't wake up to this big time, and soon, I don't know what will become of us.

Both these items are from LittleGreenFootballs. My apologies for just copying it over, but I just read it myself and haven't the time nor the inclination to read other, further sources at the moment. You can read it here or there; just read it.
The video of Nick Berg’s murder is one of the most demonic things I’ve ever seen. It’s available here: Northeast Intelligence Network. (The site is getting heavy traffic and is occasionally down.)

It opens with Berg sitting on a plastic chair, reciting his own name and the names of his parents and family members. The scene changes and he’s shown tied up on the floor in front of five masked mujahideen, as one reads a long droning Arabic statement from a piece of paper. The audio is a few seconds ahead of the video; suddenly you hear a chorus of screams and shouts that don’t match the video. Then, as the yelling and keening intensifies, the one who read the statement puts away the paper, pulls a long knife out of his shirt, leaps onto Nick Berg and begins sawing his head off as they all caper and dance around, calling out “Allahu Akhbar!”

The screaming and gagging is nightmarish. And it’s not quick.

The video ends with one of these creatures holding up Berg’s head while the camera pans in for closeups of the head and body.

I’m describing this in detail because I don’t want anyone to watch this without being really prepared.

When the Daniel Pearl video was making the rounds on the web, I refused to post a link because it was so soul-wrenching that I thought people didn’t need to see it. I thought September 11 was a big enough shock to the American public that we wouldn’t dare go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, I no longer believe that, and that’s why I’m posting a link to this goddamned obscenity. Watch it, if you think you can. It’s going to make you sick, and it’s going to make you mad.

And remember this: what you see in this video is what the mujahideen would like to do to each and every one of us.

UPDATE: Internet Haganah is hosting the Nick Berg video at three of their mirror sites:

Mirror 1: iraq2vediow.zip
Mirror 2: iraq2vediow.zip
Mirror 3: iraq2vediow.zip

by Charles at 03:45 PM PST


The debased swine of Hamas are now attempting to hold the body parts of murdered Israeli soldiers for ransom.

A frame grab taken from handout video footage shows two
masked Palestinian Hamas gunmen making a statement in
front of a table with the remains of Israeli soldiers
May 11, 2004. Palestinian militants blew up six Israeli
soldiers riding in an explosives-packed troop carrier
during a raid in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in the deadliest
ambush against Israeli forces in 18 months. Senior Islamic
Jihad political leader Khader Habib said militants were
holding the soldiers’ mangled body parts and would not
release them until there was a total halt to Israeli raids
and Israel opened talks on release of jailed fighters.

How is anyone going to be able to sleep tonight? Should anyone sleep tonight, with this happening on our planet? I agree with Charles; this is demonic. WE MUST PUT EVERYTHING WE HAVE INTO OPPOSING THESE FORCES. OR WE MIGHT JUST SUCCUMB TO THEM. Is this coming through? Testing? Testing?

DEBKA notes (regarding Nick Berg): "Slaying recalls 2002 murder in Pakistan of Wall Street Journal [reporter] Daniel Pearl who was also Jewish and whose murderers are still at large."

Wanna hear something funny? (she asked, sardonically). . . You know what I've been reading today? The Ten Commandments of Character: Essential Advice for Living an Honorable, Ethical, Honest Life by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. Highly recommended.