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Thursday, May 06, 2004

KUDOS to Charles Johnson!

His Take on Friedman's Take (that "We're All Doomed Unless Bush Grovels")

Johnson's brief and biting remarks
are worth all the Friedman commentaries in the world - because, unlike Friedman, he is unafraid.
Thomas Friedman demands that Donald Rumsfeld be fired, and maybe the entire Pentagon along with him. He says it’s the only way to restore our honor. After laying waste to our military command, he proposes that President Bush invite to Camp David the UN Security Council, and the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria, and grovel before them in abject shame, rubbing ashes into his hair and weeping. Then he needs to explain to the world that we’re losing in Iraq, and give the whole thing over to the United Nations, who will know what to do with this gigantic mess.

According to Friedman, this is the only way we’ll ever regain our moral standing. It’s the only way to rebuild our shattered credibility. Otherwise, we’re doomed. We’re radioactive.

I’m not exaggerating. OK, maybe a little. But just a little.

Can I demand that Thomas Friedman be fired?

posted by Charles at 7:49 AM PST
As always, the comments of the LGF gang are worth reading; there are over 400 now, within just a few hours of the post.