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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Leah Guildenstern on The Kabbalah of the Blogosphere

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Has she got me pegged? Gevurah?
Gevurah is might, severity and restriction. Gevurah places boundaries and sets limits on things. On the negative it is the source of anger, on the positive it is what keeps order. Gevurah is also associated with Fear and Awe. The Gevurah Blogs include:
Kim du Toit
Aaron's Rant Blog
Boker Tov Boulder

In spite of my visceral reaction against being called a gevurah blog, I do think it's correct. There is an urgent need for gevurah.

The liberal background in which I grew up has gone too far. Hard as it is to imagine, there is such a thing as too much kindness, too much chesed. It is too kind to continue to allow the PoorPalestinians to maim and kill Jews.

It's like rain: rain is a beautiful, nourishing event . . . UNLESS AND UNTIL (enter gevurah) it goes too far and causes a flood. Then the lovely rain becomes destructive.

Just remember, gevurah both comes from, and results in, chesed. Isn't that right, Rabbi?
to be continued . . . after Shavuos.