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Thursday, May 13, 2004

"A Matter of [Selective] Compassion"

40 Palestinian Arabs seek "refuge" in Canada
OTTAWA (AFP) - Canadian members of parliament urged the government to permit 40 Palestinian refugees to stay in Canada, even though their claims were rejected by immigration judges. . . .

If sent back to the West Bank or Gaza, said O'Brien, the refugees would face "an atrocious situation" owing to Israeli-Palestinian violence and "the unconscionable building of a wall (on the West Bank) by the Israelis."

Libby Davies, of the New Democratic Party, said: "There are over 40 Palestinians facing deportation despite deadly attacks almost daily by the Israelis and daily violence in the Palestinian camps" . . . .

Madeleine Dalphond of the regional Bloc Quebecois party, said it was a matter of compassion. "In Canada, we should open our hearts," she said. "We should recognize their right of refuge in Canada."

One of the 40 Palestinians to have lost the first round of his battle to stay in Canada is Amhad Mustafa who said he was a "third generation refugee" living in a Palestinian camp in Lebanon. Although he had a degree in engineering, he said, he was banned under Lebanese law from working in Lebanon -- because he was Palestinian. He also had no right to buy property in Lebanon.

Juxtapose this with the Palestinian terrorists in Syria: Assad refuses to expel them.
Assad said Thursday "there are no leaders" of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Syria, only political spokesmen who came to Syria after being expelled by Israel. There was no place for these Palestinians to go to, he added.

"If you ask them to go, where could they go?" Assad said.

I would suggest Canada, but it's far too close to me for comfort. But thanks for asking.