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Monday, May 10, 2004


May '94 - Arafat calls for Jihad and martyrdom and praised individuals and organizations involved in terrorism.

August 8, '94 - Maj.-Gen. Nasr Yussef, Commander of Police Forces, calls on his people to comply with accords signed with Israel.

September 1, '94 - Arafat stresses the need to move ahead with the peace process and speaks of the "peace of the brave."

September 25, '94 - PLO-affiliate Fatah calls on Hamas and PFLP to stop embarrassing the PA and cease attacks against Israel.

October 20, '94 - Minister of Civil Affairs Jamil al- Tarifi - calls for a political solution to prevail.

November '94 - Arafat calls for Jihad against Israel while addressing a Fatah rally in Gaza.

February 9, '95 - al- Tarifi calls for renewed vigor in the peace talks.

February '95 - Senior PLO Advisor, Nabil Shaath threatens Israel with a Jihad if peace talks fail.

April '95 - Justice Minister Freih Abu-Meddien address students in Al- Azhar University. "Israel will remain the Palestinian people's main enemy, not only now, but also in the future."

June 19, '95 - In an address at Al-Azhar University in Gaza, Arafat calls for Jihad.

August 6, '95 - Al-Azhar University in Gaza, Arafat threatens Israel with a return to an armed struggle.

January '96 - In a speech made in Stockholm, Arafat speaks of Israel's impending demise.
This information was taken from an interesting document, a Shomron News Service synopsis of a Peace Watch Report dated 8/5/96 and titled "PLO and PA Compliance With Their Obligations to Prevent Terror Attacks During the Palestinian Authority's First Two Years."

Old news, but relevant nonetheless.