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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Oriana Fallaci does it again!

Her new book The Force of Reason said to be a passionate wake-up call
NRO publishes a review by Lorenzo Vidino:
Amid Fallaci's bleak vision for Europe, however, a ray of hope comes from America. In a very emotional last chapter, Fallaci describes her admiration in witnessing the 2004 New Year's Eve celebrations in Times Square. In a sharp contrast with the fear-constrained Europeans, thousands of New Yorkers decided to defy the Code Orange terror alert and party hard in the face of the terrorists. Proud to honor itself, young and determined, America is perceived by Fallaci as the only hope for the West. In this unprovoked cultural war that has been waged on the West, America should lead the way, but it cannot do it alone. According to Fallaci, the West has not realized that it is under attack, and that this war "wants to hit our soul rather than our body. Our way of life, our philosophy of life. Our way of thinking, acting and loving. Our freedom. Do not be fooled by their explosives. That is just a strategy. The terrorists, the kamikazes, do not kill us just for the sake of killing us. They kill us to bend us. To intimidate us, tire us, demoralize us, blackmail us."
Not available in English (yet), The Force of Reason is available to Italian readers at UniLibro. Oriana Fallaci is one extraordinary lady, my great hero and probably one of the most influential journalists of our time. Let's hope she's still very influential....

If you haven't read it yet, her previous book, The Rage and The Pride is available at Amazon for $10.47. Get it.