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Monday, May 24, 2004

Planning a trip to Israel this summer?

Take a Class in Kosher Cooking at the new
Kosher Culinary Academy in Jerusalem

The Kosher Culinary Academy, which opened in Jerusalem in January of this year, offers a one-year Professional Kosher Chef Course (so far, for men only), as well short summer courses for both men and women, ages 17+.

The Academy is the first Kosher L'Mehadrin cooking school in the world! There is nowhere else for Jewish people to learn to become kosher chefs (or caterers, maitres d'hotel, mashgichim or restrauranteurs). With kosher cuisine one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and kosher quality standards constantly rising, there is plenty of good, kosher work to be found in the burgeoning kosher food and hospitality industry.

Or, just for fun, while visiting Israel this summer, take a course in The Secrets of Shabbat Cooking, Israeli Cuisine, Healthy Asian Cooking, Simple French (or Chinese or Italian), and even the newly popular Low Carb Cooking!

All courses are taught in English and are Glatt Mehadrin under Rabbanut Yerushalayim.
My dear friend, Shirley Weiss Karsevar -formerly sous chef at the Bay Club in Margate, NJ, and owner of Arizona Cafe & Catering in Philadelphia- teaches the new Culinary Arts Course for Women, and I can personally testify to her expertise! All the staff has impeccable credentials; it makes your mouth water just to read where they've worked.

Visit their website, or email Info@KosherCulinaryAcademy.com for more information. And, please, spread the word so that this endeavor might prosper.