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Sunday, May 16, 2004

The Sunday New York Times

A lifetime ago, when we lived in Brooklyn, the Sunday New York Times was an Event. This event generally took several hours and would be held in bed, at the dining room table or -if not too hot or cold- in the garden. It always, always meant coffee, the best in the world, and bagels, the likes of which I have not tasted anywhere since. It is one of my very fondest memories.

So imagine my dejection when today, without benefit of any of those delicious accoutrement, or the actual weight of the thing on my lap, I check the front page online, and find the lede story is Prep School Peers Found Kerry Talented, Ambitious and Apart.

I take this as added insult to injury.

The only good news is that when checking the innernut to see if lede was a real word and the word I wanted, I happened upon the blog, Peoria Pundit, specifically this great post about how America's newspapers played the execution of Nick Berg at their online sites. (Kudos to blogger Bill Dennis, who yes, actually does live in Peoria.)

A final note. While Bill shows the Berg story as a lede at the Times online, Rick told me that
"The day after Nick Berg was beheaded, every single story above the fold in the NYT was about Abu Grahib -- four different stories -- except the one about Nick Berg, the lede of which was the father blaming Bush and Rumsfeld.
So much for ledes. and the Sunday New York Times. and my Brooklyn memories.

One day, I will make aliyah to Israel. Sitting in bed on a Sunday morning, I will have my coffee in Israel, with the Friday Jerusalem Post on my lap.
With Gd's help.