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Monday, May 10, 2004

Thanks to Andrew Bolt in Melbourne

Herald Sun: IF I were a Jew, I'd be frightened by the letters of hate in this town's newspapers this week.

"Why are we so scared of the Jewish community?" ranted one, after an anti-Israel work of "art" was removed this week from a display funded by the Melbourne City Council.
"The Jews are always put on a pedestal," sneered another.

The Jews may be "too strong for Australia's health", wondered one man.

Yes, they're an "unduly influential fraction of our multicultural community", warned yet another.

Really? The Jews are a sinister, too-powerful cabal, are they? Always getting their way? Well, Hitler thought so, too, but the facts are very different.

If Jews here were truly powerful, ratepayers would not subsidise "art" like this that falsely accuses Israel of killing 200,000 Palestinians and creating five million refugees, and implying its very existence is a crime.

If Jews were powerful, taxpayers wouldn't fund the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, whose director is a fan of "transcendental fascism" and scheduled a film promoting Holocaust denier David Irving.

If Jews were powerful, Monash University would not host lectures by Yvonne Ridley, an Islamic extremist who said killing Israeli babies was legitimate, and the Sydney Peace Prize would not go to a spokeswoman for the pro-terrorist PLO.

If Jews were powerful, our aid groups would not routinely accuse the Jewish state -- often falsely -- of brutality in its defensive war against terrorists who blow up buses and last week deliberately shot dead a two-year-old Jewish girl, and her three sisters, too.

If Jews were truly powerful, the ABC and SBS's coverage of Israel wouldn't be so hostile, academics wouldn't vilify Israel so glibly, the hate-preaching Muslim Mufti of Australia would have been expelled and Jewish synagogues, centres and schools wouldn't need protecting with guards, barriers and barbed wire.

Yes, Jews do complain about anti-Semitism or wickedly biased attacks on Israel, particularly when subsidised by taxpayers. But if they were so powerful, they'd never have cause to complain in the first place.

Nor would anyone think to begrudge them the right to defend themselves by simply arguing back.

Makes sense to me.