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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Thou dost protest too much

Media frenzy on prisoner abuse scandal overshadows other realities

It is starting to ring quite hollow, all this fuss about American abuse of POWs. It's becoming more and more evident that the "human rights" focus is selective. How much outcry was there over Tali Hatuel and her little girls? How much outrage and media attention will focus on this story:
Six Israeli soldiers are dead after their armored personnel carrier drove over a 100-kilogram explosive planted under the road in Gaza. Hamas terrorists gleefully displayed and played with the body parts in front of cameras.

This morning's attack that killed the six soldiers occurred towards the conclusion of a heavy battle waged in spurts in the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza City. IDF forces entered the city on a mission to locate and blow up explosives labs, destroying at least two of them; several others of the 20 suspected labs were also located. The forces include combat helicopters, jeeps, bulldozers, and tanks, and additional forces were later brought in.

The Israeli forces remained in the area for longer than planned in a tireless effort to rescue the bodies. The families of the six have been notified, though their names have not yet been released for publication. The identification process took a long while, as the bodies were in very bad condition, and not all the body parts were found. The destroyed vehicle, which had a capacity of 12 soldiers but was carrying only six, was carrying large amounts of explosives.

Two news agencies transmitted video from the scene showing Gaza Arabs dancing in the streets with pieces of the destroyed IDF vehicle and the dead soldiers' body parts.

Hamas has claimed responsibility for the murderous attack.

There is no outcry, no media hype, no marches in the street . . . against Hamas. Why is that? And why is there so much of this other? The contrast should be sinking in about now. It should bring a revelation, no?