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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I read all the warnings, and still . . . I had no idea. Please be very careful in deciding whether or not to view the video of Nick Berg, Gd bless him and let him rest in peace. You really probably shouldn't be alone if you decide to watch it. I could never have imagined what horror is. I vomited before it was even over, and didn't see the very end. You don't even know that there is something beyond your ability to imagine . . .

And now? Now I will pray even harder for peace, but am convinced even more of the necessity of war.

To me, there is no difference whatsoever between the Arab war on Israel and the war in Iraq. The enemy is the same. And this enemy is a terrible one. We should be afraid. In a brave way. Does that make any sense?

There's been another attack on an Israeli APC (armored personnel carrier), near Rafah in Gaza. The APC was apparently hit by an anti-tank rocket or by a bomb, that caused [the] explosives it was carrying to explode. Haaretz reports five Israeli soldiers wounded, as well as a number of Palestinian bystanders.

Arutz Sheva:
[Israel] Channel 1 TV news moments ago quoted an unnamed “very senior military officer” who stated “this is war and we are taking the gloves off. The rules of the game have just changed”.
Gd help us all.

UPDATE: Those five Israeli soldiers wounded near Rafah? They all died. But go look at Newsmap. It changes every ten minutes, but as I'm looking at it now, The Biggest World Story is "Israeli troops kill five in raid on Gaza City." Newsmap is great; it allows you to observe bias in a less subtle, more graphic form.