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Sunday, May 30, 2004

What's the matter with you people?

This story (posted below) has seeped more deeply into my consciousness over the day, and I am completely freaked out.
"Also in Paris, a 12-year-old girl coming out of a Jewish school was attacked by two men. They beat her, held her down and slashed her face with a box cutter. They carved a swastika into her face and walked away. Her parents have filed a police report."
I have a daughter who is eleven, and the way I figure it, the outrage would be the same if this had happened to her (in Paris, that is; it's still fairly inconceivable that it would happen in the U.S.). As I was saying, the outrage. There is none. I can't even find any news coverage of it.

In my news search, I did come across this exhibit of editorial cartoons from the 1940s that challenged the U.S. response to the Holocaust.
"At a time when many Americans were indifferent to the plight of Europe's Jews, these courageous artists used their talents to try to rouse America's conscience," said Rafael Medoff, director of the Wyman Institute.
Americans are uninformed and indifferent to the plight of Europe's Jews today. Again.

We failed to protect this child. At the very least, we should be ashamed.