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Friday, May 21, 2004

Yad Vashem criticizes Austrian newspaper for antisemitism

cartoon compares IDF with Nazis

title is "Then and Now"
JPost: In a rare move, Yad Vashem on Thursday criticized an Austrian newspaper for running a caricature that compared an IDF solider to a Nazi.

In the caricature titled "Then and Now," which appeared Wednesday in the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung, a frightened Jew appears on one side of the cartoon, labeled past, as a Nazi soldier, with a swastika on his arm, bears down on him.

On the other half of the caricature, marked present, a small, frightened Palestinian child appears, with an Israeli soldier with a Star of David on his arm bearing down on him.

"The caricature is a classic expression of the new antisemitism... which diminishes the Holocaust and distorts both today's reality as well as that of the Holocaust," a press release issued Thursday by Yad Vashem read.