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Friday, May 14, 2004

"You will not move us from here"

Eulogy for the six Givati Brigade soldiers

IDF Brig.-Gen. (res.) Housing Minister Effie Eitam, leader of the National Religious Party, served as commander of the Givati Brigade.
"I was privileged to serve as the commander of this special brigade," he wrote in Maariv today, "and when I received word as to what had happened, the words 'IDF' and 'fight against terror' were replaced in my mind with the pictures of young faces and purple berets...

"This war, brought to us by suicide murderers and corpse-traders, is not just a war for our individual lives. It is a war for our way of life, for our right to maintain Israel as a Jewish state and a free and democratic society. Our steadfast persistence has a tremendous power, one that builds up to a national statement that is much more than the number of days and dead, one that stands before the world and says, 'You will not move us from here.'

"There are those who tire of this long and arduous trek, and seek mirages of water and shade along the way. These are mirages that appear attractive to those who are impatient and for whom the way is long. But we, the People of Eternity, do not fear a long journey. For so many years have Jews whispered this dream, passing it through the generations from father to son. We are the ones to have merited making this dream a reality, and this national structure stands strong, solid and true - the solution to all the riddles, the answer to all the question marks..."
originally published at Arutz Sheva