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Sunday, June 06, 2004

60th Anniversary of D-Day BLOGBURST

What's a blogburst?
According to Kesher Talk's Judith Weiss, a blogburst is "a simultaneous and cross-linked posting of many blogs on the same theme." Blogbursts have indices and curators, and the best way to learn about them is to go, do, read (or Google them).
When I was child, growing up in WVA, I never would have dreamt that in my "middle age" I would be a zioneocon blogger, googling blogbursts in the blogosphere. No wonder I didn't know what I would be when I grew up! The necessary vocabulary didn't exist.
Today's blogburst on the anniversary of D-Day is curated by Blackfive, where
"you will find links to extraordinary bloggers telling the stories of D-Day from their unique perspectives. Instead of term paper descriptions, you'll see the beaches and cliffs of the Normandy coast, you'll read letters of the survivors and hear about the great sacrifices made by our neighbors to the north...and you'll never forget the Greatest Generation."
For your further reference, see this (September 2002) blogburst on the Munich Massacre.