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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Boker Tov Lite

It's not a good week for blogging. The news is overwhelmingly bad, and my son is graduating from high school this weekend. I need to clean house and clean house.

Here is Iraq's first post-Saddam President, who took office in spite of another autobomba in Baghdad.

Ghazi Yawar

In other news, President Bush is set to visit Italy, beginning Thursday night, to commemorate the liberation of Nazi-occupied Rome by allied soldiers on June 4, 1944. Thousands of pacifists are preparing major protests.

If you're not feeling as discouraged as I am, then you can read about Bush's "Unprecedented Negativity" in the Washington Post or "How We Will Lose the Islamo-Fascist War" at Jewish World Review.

Nota Bene, on this day in Jewish history, 56 years ago, the Arab states and Israel agreed to a cease-fire, as the Altalena set sail from France "with 4,000 tons of arms and ammunition and 900 volunteer fighters, mostly Holocaust survivors."

If you find yourself craving more Boker Tov, Boulder! - just keep your shirt on. . .

Palestinian youths shouth anti-Israel slogans during a march through
the streets of the southern Gaza town of Rafah.(AFP/Said Khatib

. . . I'll be in and out.