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Friday, June 11, 2004

Colorado State Legislature Entertains Meddling in the Middle East

I am appalled

House Joint Resolution 04-1089 -Concerning Efforts to Achieve Israeli-Palestinian Peace- was introduced in the House 4/19/2004 and assigned to the House Committee on State, Veterans & Military Affairs. It calls on "Israeli and Palestinian leaders to capitalize on the opportunity offered by the peace initiatives ["like the People's Voice Initiative, One Voice and the Geneva Accord"] and urges the Congress and the President to
"seek an immediate end to violence and terror in the Middle East by introducing an international buffer of genuinely unbiased and neutral forces to separate and provide protection for Israelis and Palestinians and to use the resources of the United States to bring about the following resolution of the conflict:

(a) The creation of an economically and politically viable, democratically governed, and human-rights respecting Palestinian state;

(b) An international fund to provide compensation for Palestinians and to assist in resettling Palestinian refugees inside the borders of the new Palestinian state and to provide compensation for Israelis who fled from persecution in Arab lands;

(c) Recognition by surrounding Arab and Islamic states of Israel and the Palestinian state and treaties assuring peaceful political relations and lasting economic cooperation;
There's more, but I can't bear to type it all out. This especially rouses my ire: the bill (g) calls for "the creation of institutions in both societies designed to eliminate the teaching of hatred . . . [blah blah blah] . . . fostering repentance for past violations of human rights . . . ."

FIY, Coloradans: This bill was introduced by Colorado State Representative TOM PLANT.

You can write to him at tom@tomplant.org