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Friday, June 18, 2004

Doin' the Holocaust Shrug

David Gelernter, via DANEgerus via Ross Mackenzie
David Gelernter, Yale professor and Unabomber victim: "People ask, why this big deal about Saddam? 'Isn't X evil too, and what about Y and how can you possibly ignore Z?' But we aren't automata; we are able to make distinctions. Some evil is beyond our power to stop. That doesn't absolve us from stopping what we can. All cruelty is bad. Yet some cruel and evil men are worse than others. By any standard we did right by overthrowing Saddam - and do wrong by denying or belittling that fact. The Democrats' refusal to acknowledge the moral importance of the Coalition's Iraq victory felt, at first, like the Clinton treatment - more relativistic, warped-Earth moral geometry in which the truth gradually approaches infinite malleability. ... But as we learned more about Saddam's crimes, and Democrats grew less convinced that the war was right and was necessary, their response took on a far more sinister color. It started to resemble the Holocaust Shrug."