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Friday, June 04, 2004

George Soros:

Bush's War on Terrorism Worse than 9/11

WASHINGTON – After a rousing introduction by Sen. Hillary Clinton, multibillionaire George Soros wasted little time in excoriating President Bush in a speech Thursday.
Bush’s war on terrorism has turned Americans “from victims to perpetrator,” he said to loud applause from the “Take Back America” audience, organized by the leftist group Campaign for America’s Future.

In his soft-spoken, lightly accented voice, the Hungarian-born Soros, who made his fortune trading in and manipulating the world’s markets, described how in his opinion “the war on terrorism as conducted by Bush has since caused more innocent victims than the victims of the [9/11] attack on America.”

At one point, he compared the “Bush Doctrine” with fascism and communism. “The common ground between fascists and communists is that they both want to impose their point of view on the world.” Soros said the Bush Doctrine was similarly aimed at imposing a point of view on the world.
Ugh, read the rest.