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Sunday, June 13, 2004

"Hitler Slipping"

Charleston WV Daily Mail
July 21, 1934

I've been doing some genealogical research at Ancestry.com, where for a fee you can have access to archives of various newspapers nationwide. Having exhausted the references to my family and those of friends, I noticed a bit about the Nazis (1931) and have been reading every word the Daily Mail archives have to offer on the subject. I'm up to mid-1934.

Check this out, from page four, Saturday, July 21, 1934 (no byline listed):
There is no doubt that many of the reports coming out of Germany dealing with a decline in Hitler's power have little if any basis in fact. It is almost equally certain, on the other hand, that the German dictator is not the all-powerful official he was credited with being before his recent murderous drive on his political foes.

One bit of convincing evidence of this is to be seen in the transferring of the control of German finances, a power formerly Hitler's, to the hands of the German minister of economics, Dr.Schmidt. The latter is not a Nazi, and he has been a consistent opponent of Hitler's economic policies. The Ohio State Journal sees as proof of the change in economics control reversal of the German moratorium in the announcement from London that the reich would continue the payment of interest on its external debt.

"Quite often the economic situation," it comments, "can be a rather accurate barometer of what lies ahead in governments as well as in business. So far as this is true with Germany, it forecasts a further slipping from Hitler of powers he has up to now exercicsed as his own." It thinks that "it well may be a fact that the present shift in economic control is the forerunner of more changes to come, all of them supply the lubrication which may be greasing the skids down which the world-discredited dictator inevitably is doomed to slide."

Once the chancellor becomes discredited in the eyes of the German people, his elimination should be swift. This now apparently is taking place. There are indications that he is gradually losing popular favor. Instead of inspiring fear by his recent bloody orgy, he seems to have given the people opportunity to see him as one not entitled to confidence and trust and lacking in the strength of character essential in a great leader.

His star seems to be setting.

Next column over, to the right, is something called "As the World Wags"
A four-legged chicken that is developing a sound similar to the bark of a dog is startling residents of Lima, O.

At last 16 huge American condors with an average wing spread of 14 feet were seen and photographed in Santa Barbara county.

A cigarette can be lighted by steam -not by the visible cloud that comes from a tea kettle, but by real steam, which is still in gaseous form.

Friday the thirteenth was Mary Tobin's third birthday. While crossing a field near Scranton, Pa., a lightning bolt struck and killed her.

Hereafter any German railway man who serves loyally for 25 years will receive a free copy of Hitler's book, "Mein Kampf," it has been decreed.

St. Louisans attribute the maintenance of their city's good government and economic conditions during the depression to "constructive liberalism."

The first giraffe brought to the United States was shown on Worcester common in 1839, says Robert W. G. Vail, librarian of the American Antiquarian society, who is doing research into first circuses in this country.