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Sunday, June 20, 2004

"I'm just a Canadian girl trying to figure out the rest of the world,
one post at a time"

Meet Celestial Blue
Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And it pains me to find that I am developing a fear and therefore prejudice against a group of people based on religion. I have always prided myself on not being a bigot or racist or harbouring any prejudice against a group of people. I hate that I am beginning to look at Muslims with a suspicious eye because it is not fair to those who just want to have a life, a family and a home like the rest of us. And it troubles me that the world is also developing a fear of Muslims, for it was a fear and hate that lead one man to target a particular group of people not so long ago... and caused the death of 6 million Jews. Six million died because of their religious beliefs (not to mention others, such as gays, who were killed for being who they were). I am conflicted as I try to resist categorizing all Muslims as evil when again and again in the news there are reports of violence, threats and attacks. And 90% of the time it seems to be from Muslim extremist groups.

Here is my real fear: there are an estimated....what?....2 billion Muslims in the world (and growing)? Now let's say that only 3% of that number subscribes to these "extremist" beliefs (and that's being pretty generous, I think). Afterall, many Muslims declare that it's only a small percentage that are extremists, so for the sake of this example, I'll say 3%. That's small, right? That means there are about 60 MILLION Muslims out there that feel that the Western world and all it's dwellers are infidels and should be struck down. 60 million who would like to behead an American (not to mention a Jew) if they could get their hands on one. 60 million is a huge number. Imagine when they finally get fully organized what they could do?

I thought this post was very thoughtful, and likely expresses the inner qualms of many of us, in America, Canada and around the world. Just one minor correction - I think it's more like 98% of the world's conflicts in which Islamic fundamentalists figure prominently, not 90%.

I apologize, I've lost the source for this map.

Last December, a poll in Minnesota revealed that 34% of respondents believed "Islam is more likely to encourage its believers to be violent, compared with 3 percent for Christianity, 5 percent for Judaism, 5 percent for Buddhism and 7 percent for Hinduism. I wonder what the numbers would be today, just six months later?