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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


"And I will Pass Over You and See You Covered In Your Own Blood And I will
Say to you In Your Own Blood You Will Live"

Three horrific photographs in the last few weeks reached almost every single house in Israel and shook the very fibers of the people. Three photographs different one from the other and yet alike.

The first photograph - "The mother with her sons" ..Tali Chatuel and her daughters Z"L so brutally murdered by terrorists. "Confirmation of
killing" - that is the term for murder from close range - eye contact
venomously filled with hate.

The second photograph - The memorial for Tali and her daughters - hundreds of men, women, and children gathered to bid farewell and to weep for them. And there beyond the tears the sound of gunfire, a murderous attack on the crowd; causing a feeling of fear and disgrace. Whenever did Jews have to dig into the earth in order to protect themselves? Is this a fitting picture for a nation with so strong an army? This time we miraculously were not hurt.

The third photograph - Between Gaza and Rafiach - thirteen Israeli soldiers killed in various military operations, and yet the same situation. In each instance we heard the victorious shouts of the murderers and witnessed them stealing pieces of the remains of the bodies, and desecrating the honor of our soldiers.

Is there a connection between the three pictures? Yes, a connection of
endless deep hate and cruelty- a loathing for us that is indescribable in words. This is the reality of our situation - these are our enemies.

From the depths of the shock and pain that each of us felt following the fore mentioned situations, responses of weakness were broadcast: "We must immediately abandon Gush Katif". "The settlers are to blame for the horrible security situation, and of course for the economic and social problems we have." "Get the I.D.F. out of Gaza." Etc.

These responses to the situation caused us, a group of women and mothers, to insist upon being heard in each and every possible way. As opposed to the "Four Mothers" - who express dismal weakness of character and defeatism, we the "Mothers for Fortitude and Unity" "ACHVA", have a different message.

With all of the pain and heartache we mustn't lose our fortitude and
determination, the very basic instincts we need in order to keep on living especially now.

The purpose of the organization:

To impress an atmosphere of strength of will: personal and national
fortitude brought forth from faith and knowledge of the justification of our direction - to mothers and sons and to all of the various sectors of our nation.

To say to the beloved Israeli Defense Forces soldiers and officers:
we appreciate your courage and spirit and the hard and fatiguing work that you are doing. Don't be discouraged - go forth with the strength of the faith in what you are doing and you will succeed.

In the past we have known difficulties and simply through the
strength of our spirit and our inner faith we have always overcome. We have built a wondrous nation in spite of all. We have always prevailed not because of the tank, but because of the man that is in the tank.

The officers and soldiers of the I.D.F. deserve to be praised - to
be loved and shown the enormous appreciation that we feel and shall continueto give them without reservation.

Capitulation, withdrawal and yet another illusion of "false peace"
always weakens the nation and the military, while on the other hand it
strengthens our enemies.

Our strength as a Nation has always been in our unity - we will
work together in order to strive for national unity, clarifying our position at every possible opportunity in order to restore Jewish and National values to our people. One the one hand we shall dissipate each and every lie and distortion that we encounter, and on the other hand we invite each and every person who is willing to sit with us to hear us.


Mothers for Fortitude and Unity (ACHVA)

For responses:
Shoshi Slozki
Fax: 08 684 5446
e-mail: efisloz@012.net.il