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Monday, June 07, 2004

Israeli Air Force fired on terrorists in Lebanon

A handout picture taken from the Israeli Defence Forces
website dated August 2003 shows Israeli airforce F15 jets
flying over the Mediterranean. Israeli warplanes carried
out an air raid against Palestinian positions some 20
kilometres (12 miles) south of the Lebanese capital, a
Palestinian official told AFP.(AFP/IDF-HO/File)

Nit-Picking the Caption: Why would the AFP look to a "Palestinian official" for information on this strike? It doesn't make sense.

For more on this story, read the Jerusalem Post. They get their information not only from Palestinians, but also from the IDF.

See also IAF chief: We're leading global war on terror
"In the past four targeted interceptions," Shkedy said. "We have shown that we can hit the target and armed activists around them almost without harming those uninvolved," said Shkedy in his first briefing since taking command of the IAF two months ago.
You may have noticed all the praise Israel received for this incredible accuracy and the care for human life which motivates it. I think the UN must have issued a congratulatory statement, no?