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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Jews run the American media

CurrentViewpoint.com: CNN Must Clarify this Inaccuracy
Tonight on a CNN Special about the handover of power to Iraq’s people on 1st July, a panel of Iraqis from various professions, as well as a studio audience, traded observations about media coverage of the Middle East. This appears to be a topic that engenders considerable passion. It was noted that in the days of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the Arab world was in the dark about the ‘true story’ because satellite television was not yet available in the region in 1982. This led a member of the audience to state that ’the Jews run the American media’ hence the world only gets the Jewish view. Neither the host of the programme, Jim Clancy, or any member of the panel corrected this lie.
For the rest of this editorial, as well as a gut-wrenching photo of Trafalgar Square, complete with enormous Palestinian flag, Free Palestine printed across the center, go to this link.

For those who may not have the strength to follow through, here's a quick synopsis of the situation in the UK:
This week, two synagogues in London were torched and hundreds of priceless books rescued by Holocaust survivors were destroyed. Fleet Street celebrates the end of a ‘Zionist’ lady writer’s career and the papers periodically blame every ill in Iraq on the ‘Washington neo-cons.’ Robert Fisk is implying, between the lines, that the Israelis had a hand in Abu Ghraib.

I cannot find one single American media outlet -that isn't specifically Jewish- that has mentioned these two arson attacks. I find that rather odd, given that "Jews run the American media."


UPDATE: See also Ottawa synagogue defaced with hate graffiti:
Catering staff discovered the graffiti on the Congregation Beth Shalom West in Nepean at 7 a.m. Sunday. The defacement took place some time between Saturday evening and Sunday morning and covered the entire length of the back wall - about 16 meters - said Mitchell Bellman, executive director of the Jewish Community Council of Ottawa. . . . The epidemic of recent anti-Semitic incidents began in Vaughan, Ont., when 13 houses and vehicles were defaced with swastikas and anti-Semitic sentiments in March, followed by gravestone and synagogue desecrations in Toronto, Vaughan, Brantford, and Waterloo.

Mr. Morgan found the April firebombing of the United Talmud Torah school in Montreal most concerning . . .