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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Jihad comes to UC-Irvine

from FrontPageMagazine via Jihad Watch
At UC-Irvine, the MSU [Muslim Student Union] and SAS [Society of Arab Students] members wore green armbands to support Hamas. The leaders of Jewish campus organizations protested in vain to the politically correct administration, which is (or pretends to be) unfamiliar with Hamas' charter. Indeed, an MSU member sent an e-mail to the MSU list concerning whether graduating students should wear sashes which say "shahada" (the Arabic word for suicide bomber).

It's been quite a day. Jihad Watch notes - just so far today, in addition to this bit about UC-Irvine - that Italy and Belgium arrested 17 terrorist suspects, Turkish Muslims were abducted in Iraq by other Muslims, an American citizen was shot to death in Saudi Arabia, members from disbanding Iraqi militias will join that country's new army and police, al Qaeda is targeting Western airliners and continuing to use the humanitarian funds raised by Islamic charities for terror attacks, and the increasing pirate attacks on ships in the South Pacific may have a connection to Islamic terrorism.

Whew, it's a lot. No wonder NPR is (still) only covering Abu Grahib; it's a lot less depressing than the Big Picture.

The Good News is that an American commando operation today, south of Baghdad, bloodlessly rescued Italian and Polish hostages. Robert Spencer writes,
And let's pause a moment to remember Fabrizio Quattrocchi, the Italian hostage executed in Iraq who, moments before he was shot dead, tried to tear off his hood and shouted "Now I'll show you how an Italian dies."
G-d bless him, and let him rest in peace.