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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Just home from a funeral, this is the first thing I hear

“with the help of Allah, two Zionists were killed and a number of Zionist settlers were injured.”

Arutz Sheva: Two people were killed - a grandfather and a four-year-old - and at least 14 injured this morning at about 8:30am when terrorists from Gaza launched two Kassam rockets into the city of Sderot in southern Israel.

The victims have been identified as Mordechai Yosefov, of Sderot, and Mordechai's grandson, Afik Zahavi. Afik was critically injured when a Kassam rocket slammed into the pathway into his kindergarten; he was pronounced dead in the trauma unit of the Soroka Medical Center.

His mother, Ruti Zahavi, remains in serious condition in the same hospital, as does one other person.

Twelve other victims are described in light condition and are being treated for hysteria. They have been transported to the Barzalai Hospital in Ashkelon. State psychologists are attending to the traumatized kindergarten children who lost a classmate to Arab terrorism this morning.

The Hamas terrorist organization is boasting responsibility for killing the child and his grandfather in Sderot this morning.

International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem: Filled with angst and confusion, Yitzhak Ohayon embraced the lifeless body of his three-year old “miracle child,” Afik Zahavi, at his funeral in Sderot Monday afternoon, just hours after a Palestinian rocket killed the son he had waited so long to have.

Yitzhak and his wife, Ruth Zahavi, were a middle-aged Israeli couple that had tried for 15 years to have a child. They finally opted for in-vitro fertilization and young Afik was their “miracle”.

Afik was walking with his mother, Ruth Zahavi, to nursery school yesterday morning when Hamas terrorists in northeast Gaza launched a barrage of advanced Kassam rockets at Sderot. Both were severely injured when one of the missiles landed just outside the kindergarten.

Within moments, neighbors rushed to the scene to aid the wounded and found the mother and child lying next to each other, life draining from their bodies.

Afiki’s backpack, along with candies he was bringing to his final day of nursery school, were scattered about drenched in blood. After providing the name of her child to a neighbor, the mother passed out.

Afik also lost consciousness before paramedics arrived. Both were rushed to hospital in Be’er Sheva, where the boy was pronounced dead and his mother endured over ten hours of surgery and remains in critical condition.

Days earlier, Yitzhak had beamed as only a father can when his boy handed him an invite to the end-of-the-year party at the kindergarten, planned for 11:00 am yesterday morning. But instead of heading to the school, Yitzhak was now speeding to the hospital, tense from sketchy reports of a rocket strike near his son’s nursery.

“I waited 15 years for this child,” he told waiting media after learning of his son’s death. “I cannot grasp this disaster.”

Hours later, Yitzhak leaned over his son’s body and said a painful farewell. “Just tell me good night,” he pleaded.

As friends and relatives led the father away sobbing, he said, "I just wanted him to tell me ‘Good night, Daddy.’”

The mother, her critical condition somewhat stabilized today, has still not been told of her son’s funeral.

Israeli girl Tal Dahan is comforted by her father Yoram at a
kindergarten yard in the Israeli southern town of Sderot
June 28, 2004. Palestinian rockets slammed into the center of
the Israeli southern town of Sderot on Monday, meters from a
kindergarten, killing two people, rescue officials said, hours
after militants blew up an army post in the Gaza Strip
causing the death of one soldier. REUTERS/ Nir Elias

"I just wanted him to tell me goodnight Abba."
The mourning father cries.
Four years old and six feet deep
This innocent child now lies.

To pay for this they'll give our land
And take our homes away.
Peace they claim is in our hand
It will be here any day.

We pay in lives. In empty beds.
For what? For being Jews.
The darkness cries and chants its song,
"The Jews must pay our dues."

No simple matter for empty heads
This battle for our lives.
Giving over land and taking homes
Will not stop their swords and lies.

read the rest by Leah Guildenstern.

Someone explain to me how it is that we allow our children to be murdered.

cattle car at Yad Vashem