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Monday, June 14, 2004

Kol hakavod

DANEgerus is blogging up a storm!

Red Crescent... er I mean Red Cross backpedals on Saddam demands
By... DANEgerus

Saddam slaughtered 1/2 a million of his own and the International Red Cross ignored it...

Saddam attacked Iran, Kuwait and Israel without provocation and slaughtered millions and the International Red Cross ignored it...

Saddam used Chemical weapons in Iranians and Iraqi Kurds and the International Red Cross ignored it...

Now the International Red Cross has decided that Saddam isn't being treated "fairly" and they want to do something about it...

They are late... 2 million lost lives late.

Unless the US Red Cross repudiates the International Red Cross they can all go to hell... ambulances used by terrorists... money gathered for 911 but not given to the victims... allowing the "Red Crescent" to Islamify the 'secular' "non-political" 'international' organization... banning the Joooooos...

How am I to know where the dividing line is between the corrupt American Red Cross and the terror enabling International Red Cross begins... as if it matters.

It's now up to them to communicate that to me or I'll spit on them to the last of my days on this earth.

He's also got the New York Times on the record: "43 stories in 47 days on Abu Grabass... But not a word about 10,000 suicide bombing volunteers in Iran . . . "

and this is unbelievable (as if that word still has any meaning):
"A leading UN official has warned US manufacturer Caterpillar that it may be complicit in human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza."

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