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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nail bomb blast in Cologne, Germany, injures 16

NY Times: BERLIN (AP) -- An explosion ripped through a house in Cologne, injuring 16 people Wednesday, and officials said they believed the blast was caused by a bomb.

Several buildings were damaged and chunks of debris and broken glass littered the street in the Muelheim suburb after the explosion at about 4 p.m., fire department spokesman Stefan Lakenbrink told The Associated Press.

"We are treating this as a bomb explosion," police spokesman Burkhard Jahn said.

Jahn said he had no immediate information on who might have carried out an attack or why.

The blast caused the most damage to a pizzeria and a hairdresser's salon, in a part of the street where most of the injuries occured, Lakenbrink said.

Lakenbrink said 16 people were injured, including four seriously. One was in critical condition.

Local radio reports said `"thousands" of nails were lying on the street and speculated they were part of the bomb.