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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

South Korean hostage beheaded

I never would have guessed in a million trillion years that I would ever in my life have to think about -or would ever ever write about- actual beheadings. Inasmuch as I do it now, the Islamofascists are dragging our civilization down into a pit of corruption from whence we may never return nor recover.

And we do not go kicking and screaming, but fearful, silent and morally ambiguous.

I warned about this two years ago, in letters the paper would not publish, that the Palestinian intifada must be condemned loudly and clearly, and ended once and for all.

But the world was quiet when they shot babies in their beds, blew innocent people to bits in shopping centers and saw them burned alive in buses. And so terrorism knows no bounds.

Some of them want to "liberate" Palestine; others, the Arabian peninsula; still others, the world. Are you getting it yet? They want to liberate your head from the rest of your body. They seek to rule.

You silly, silent, infidels. . . you should be screaming bloody murder.