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Friday, June 04, 2004

U.S. Employers Added 246,000 Jobs in May

Good News for the country - Bad News for Kerry and the Dhimmicrats
NewsMax: WASHINGTON – U.S. employers added almost a quarter million jobs in May, extending a nine-month hiring spree and accommodating enough job-seekers to hold the unemployment rate steady at 5.6 percent of the labor force.

Friday's report was good news for President Bush, who has been counting on continued employment growth to boost his re-election prospects. The economy was expected to be a major drag on his campaign, but that might prove otherwise.

Bush still is on track to be the first president since the Great Depression to have lost jobs during his watch, but those losses are shrinking. His administration was widely criticized for an overly optimistic forecast that 2.6 million jobs would be created this year. But economists now say the chugging economy could approach that mark.