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Sunday, June 13, 2004

United States May Protest

Charleston WV Daily Mail
March 22, 1933
(AP) -- Ready to make a formal diplomatic protest if necessary, the American government today sought to learn officially if Jews in Germany are being mistreated by the new Hitler government.

On the heels of a protest from prominent American Jews headed by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the state department informed Ambassador Sackeit at Berlin of the concern felt here on the basis of press reports and asked him to check officially on their accuracy.
This was followed, two days later, by three short articles on the front page:
Action Against Jews

BERLIN, March 24 (AP) -- Adolf Hitler's legalized four-year term as dictator began today with one western German state taking action which may lead to the expulsion of all eastern Jews within its borders.

The legislative bodies of both the German reich and its greatest unit, Prussia, have been indefinitely suspended. The signature of President Paul von Hindenburg to the decrees which Hitler may desire to enact is no longer necessary as a result of the reichstag's action yesterday in granting absolute power to the chancellor.

The Hitler government's commissioner in Palatinate, a state lying between the Rhine and the French frontier, has ordered that no bank or postal funds be delivered to eastern Jews. The ban was invoked until they settle all business obligations.

Protest in New York

NEW YORK, March 24 (AP) -- Ten thousand Jews marched to city hall to the mournful chant of "El Molai Rachmem," dirge for the dead, to protest alleged persecutions in Germany and to call for a boycott of German goods.

The Torah, sacred scroll of the Jews, was carried in its silver case, and the dean of the city's cantors chanted.

As the orderly protest procession entered the New York city hall park, Mayor John P. O'Brien, who previously had said he would not see the marchers, changed his mind, reviewed the parade and received a delegation.

Attacked in London

LONDON, March 24 (AP) -- The British government, like that of the United States, has started inquiries through its foreign office into the reports of atrocities against Jews in Germany.

Premier Ramsay MacDonald announced this action was being taken when he was asked, during a discussion in parliament of the German situation, concerning an unconfirmed report that 1,400 persons were slain in Hamburg.

London newspapers today attacked the reported violence of the Hitler regime in Germany and the censorship of news reports. Meanwhile, many Jewish leaders have started boycotts of German goods, while others hestitated to follow suit, fearing reprisals against Jews in Germany.
Please bear with me and this old newspapers thing; I fear it is a new obsession. Its effect on the blog should be fairly limited -- if I want to post anything, I have to type it out (I almost said, "by hand").