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Friday, June 04, 2004

Weapons Ship Intercepted in Turkey

Vast weapons trove aboard cargo ship en route to Egypt from Ukraine
Arutz Sheva: Turkish television reported today (Thursday) that the Turkish Customs Authority succeeded in catching the weapons ship, which stopped in Turkey on the way to Egypt from Ukraine. The operation was overseen by Turkish Trade Minister, Korsad Touzman.

The weapons aboard the ship included a radio-controlled missile and launcher as well as a number of rockets and warheads. "We can say that the weapons are the kind that we can describe as 'sophisticated,'" Touzmen said in an announcement. He did not provide further details on the quantity or nature of the weapons, saying an investigation was underway.

The vessel had anchored for refueling at the port of Ambarli, in the Bosphorus Straits, unloading the containers filled with weapons there, where another ship was scheduled to carry the cargo to Egypt. The captain of the ship lied to customs officials, saying the containers contained “spare parts,” Tousman said.

More Good News: Terrorist Murderer Caught

Another Palestinian terrorist murderer who participated in the lynching of Dov Dribben has been caught - six years later. Mussa Debasa, long wanted for the crime, was captured in the hostile village of Yata, near Hevron, on Monday evening. Intelligence information enabled a combined police/IDF/Border Guard force to capture Debasa.

On April 19, 1998, some 8-10 terrorists ambushed Dribben and a friend at a farm adjacent to Maon Tzviel, just south of Hevron. The attack began with stones and clubs, after which the terrorists snatched the Jews' weapons and opened fire upon them. Dribben was killed, his friend was seriously wounded, and a third Jew was injured with stones when he attempted to defend the other two.